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Behavioral Health of New York is a private therapy practice in New York City. We offer cognitive behavioral therapy and psychological testing for a variety of mental health conditions throughout the state of New York. No matter what you’re struggling with, our team of PhD-level psychologists is determined to help you feel better and get the treatment you need to succeed.

Areas We Serve

Upper East Side

Looking for a therapist on the Upper East Side of NYC? The Upper East Side is the residential home of many New Yorkers.  It’s a prestigious place to live marked by luxury high rises, historic townhouses, and excellent public and private schools.  With the prestige comes many pressures to succeed for young professionals, those in mid-career, and parents with kids in very competitive school systems. We’ve helped many Upper East Side residents with evidence-based therapy methods for anxiety, depression, relationship issues, and other conditions.  In addition, we help teens and children overcome hurdles with our psychological testing services to gain support for accommodations in school and on standardized exams. 


On the hunt for a therapist in Midtown NYC?  Midtown Manhattan is the beating heart of New York's hustle and bustle. Many who live here work in the city’s high-pressured power industries like finance, law, consulting, and commercial real estate. While their jobs may be high paying, their mental health can pay a high price too – resulting in excess stress, increased anxiety, and burnout. Our PhD level clinicians are well-suited for  these types of clients. We offer therapy methods that are goal oriented, time-managed, and results driven. Helping those in Midtown strive for success while keeping their sanity.

Upper West Side

Looking for a therapist in Upper West Side NYC? Home to Lincoln Center, the Metropolitan Opera, and The Julliard School, the Upper West Side is naturally home to many performing artists, musicians, writers, and Broadway actors. BHNY helps many clients like these overcome performance pressures, job insecurities, self-confidence issues, or challenges with anxiety. And what about the other half-million residents of this culturally sophisticated neighborhood? BHNY is here to support their life challenges too, using the latest evidence-based therapy methods such as CBT, ACT, and ERP

Finding the right therapist in NYC

How to Find a Therapist in New York That’s Right for You

At BHNY we understand finding the right therapist can be very confusing and overwhelming!  It’s worth the effort to find the right fit, because it’s very important for your success in therapy.  On your initial consultation Dr. Levy will take the time to determine the therapy method and therapist in our practice best suited to you. We believe it’s necessary to spend extra time and careful thought into who you’ll be working with because the right fit is essential for your success.

On your initial consultation some of the things Dr. Levy will discuss with you are: 

What Brings You To Therapy

Dr. Levy will be interested in what brings you to therapy and what you want to work on.  Do you need help managing anxiety? Depression? Is it a relationship issue? Or work stress?  If you have multiple issues to address it's helpful to prioritize them so we can help you with what's most pressing initially, and then tackle the rest as therapy progresses. 

How Issues Affect You Daily

It’s also important to understand how your issues may be impacting your daily life. For example, is your work being affected? Are your relationships impacted? Is it causing any disruptions with your family? This can help us better understand your challenges while gaining diagnostic insight.

Prior Therapy Experience

Dr. Levy will want to know about your experience with therapy in the past.  How satisfied were you? If it helped, what specifically worked for you? If not, what didn’t work?  What did you like or dislike about it? What did you learn about yourself?  This will be quite helpful in determining the right fit for you in our practice.

Goals for Therapy

We believe therapy is more productive with goals and objectives. Understanding what you want to achieve in therapy, what challenges you’d like to overcome, and what areas of your life you’re hoping to improve is an integral part of our consultation process.

Your Optimal Fit

Upon completing your consultation, Dr. Levy then gives careful consideration as to which BHNY therapist - along with which therapy method - will be an optimal fit for you. Factors such as the clinician’s area of expertise, therapeutic strengths, and communication style will all be considered to best align with your needs.

Finding the right therapist in NYC

New York Therapy Services You Can Trust

Young Caucasian man sitting on the couch, during psychotherapy, led by the male psychotherapist

Why choose Behavioral Health of New York?

Evidence-Based Therapy. At BHNY we use therapy methods backed by scientific research. This means we use treatments that have been proven effective for many conditions, giving clients a high standard of care.

PhD-Level Psychologists. While many practices have only masters level counselors, we have mostly PhD-level Psychologists.  Psychologists receive the highest level of education and training of mental health therapists.

Male Psychologists.  Most therapy practices are predominantly female.  In fact, it’s difficult to find a male psychologist in New York City. Having mostly male psychologists at BHNY makes us unique. This can be particularly helpful to male clients who feel more comfortable working with a man, or, for female clients seeking a male perspective on certain issues they'd like to overcome in therapy.

Professional Initial Consultation:  While many practices employ an intake coordinator without a mental health degree to assign you to a therapist, we don’t believe that’s an effective way to set up your treatment.  At BHNY your initial consultation is with our practice director, Dr. Mitchell S. Levy. You’ll receive an in-depth consultation to determine which therapy method and which psychologist in our practice is best suited to you.  Having the right fit is very important for your treatment success.

New York’s Mental Health Solution

How to Get Started with Behavioral Health of New York

Behavioral Health of New York offers various forms of cognitive behavioral therapy that can treat a broad array of conditions. The steps for getting started are simple. If you’re ready to get the help you deserve, you need to:

  • Contact BHNY: The first step is simply to reach out. Call us 212-722-3434 or fill out our contact form. 
  • Have an initial consultation: All clients have an initial consultation with Dr. Levy, our founder. During this consultation, you'll discuss your needs and goals with Dr. Levy. This consultation ensures BHNY is a good fit for you.
  • Fill out forms: This allows the BHNY team to have access to all of the information we need to best treat you.
  • Schedule your first session: We'll do our best to accommodate a time most convenient for you for your therapy sessions. 
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Does Behavioral Health of New York Offer Teletherapy?

Behavioral Health of New York offers a teletherapy solution. This is a great option for individuals who live in New York but can’t make the trek to New York City. Dr. Levy can assist you virtually with your mental health needs. Teletherapy is conducted via video conference, which you attend safely from the comfort of your home.

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